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Video from Shake the Bay 2016

Shake the Bay Workshop Students – This is the first year Shake the Bay has hosted a performance workshop. The performers just learned the dance the day of the show! This fun Modern Fusion Belly Dance was choreographed and taught to the group by Amberetta. The performers possess a wide range of dance experience and backgrounds, and are here together to share their love for belly dance and to show their support for the Alzheimer’s Association.
Music: “Gold” by Kiiara

Aurora Rosa is a collaborative creative effort between fusion belly dance artists Millie Rose and Tatyana. These two serendipitously met in dance class three years ago, and quickly became close friends and shimmy sisters! They are grateful for the chance to study with some of the best teachers in the world, here in the Bay Area.
Tat and Millie are currently part of Jill Parker’s dance troupe Little Egypt, and frequently perform around the Bay Area at various events, like Underground Nomads. Aurora Rosa’s goals are to have fun, celebrate life and movement through dance, and create meaningful and original choreography that brings something special to the audience. Though they come from different cultural backgrounds and dance styles, when they create together, they feel like magic happens! Hopefully, you’ll feel it as well. They are very excited to perform for you at Shake the Bay!
Music: “Drum Solo” by Dr. Samy Farag

FatChanceBellyDance® – Founded by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman (Neh-REE-key-oh BOLE-man), FatChanceBellyDance® is the world’s first and foremost American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance troupe. ATS® is a group improvisational format. Using a shared vocabulary of movements, cues, formations, and musicality, dancers work together to create spontaneous choreographies. Blending influences from the folkloric dances of India, the Middle East, Spain, and North Africa, ATS® is a modern innovation with an old-world feel.
Music: “Kaman Song” by Dikanda, “Caravan” by Raquy and the Cavemen, and “Kouhail du James” by Hossam Ramzy

Wendy Marlatt is known internationally for her uniquely elegant and vibrant world fusion belly dance. Her dance performances weave a divine fabric that blends the ancient with the contemporary from around the globe and across time. With over 25 years of dance training, Wendy began belly dancing after a trip to Egypt, falling in love with the music that surrounded her. She began her belly dance training with Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance® in 1995 and is grateful to have studied with many great and inspiring teachers since then. Based in San Francisco, Wendy continues to share her passion and unique style of belly dance through instruction and performance.
Music: “Que Dolor (feat. Kaloome – France)” by Fanfare Ciocarlia

RockaBelly and the Playthings are a San Francisco Bay Area dance company that work hard and have a really good time. They establish a connection between watcher and dancer so they may travel the path of the dance together. RockaBelly’s pieces explore women’s strength, women’s delight in themselves and their sexuality, and the ways women deal with adversity and conflict. Their fearless leader is Kamille Hitz, and Kamille and RockaBelly teach regular classes on Thursdays in West Oakland.
Music: “PCV IV” by Blue Man Group and “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie

Surreyya Hada – Director of the acclaimed Dangerous Beauties dance troupe and Co-director of Troupe Scimitar, Surreyya is an award-winning, international performer and instructor. She sings in English and Turkish, and dances regularly solo as well as with several world fusion and rock bands. Surreyya’s performance is full of excitement, and is inspired by Egyptian, Turkish, and American Tribal flavors of dance. She has performed for Cirque du Soleil, and is an annual entertainer for Apple, Sandisk, and Yahoo corporations. Surreyya is currently working toward her master’s degree in dance and is a LEAP program awardee via Saint Mary’s College of Moraga, CA. She received her Dance Major Degree at CCSF and holds a Guinness Book World Record in Roller Skating.
Music: “Khallas Ya Amm El Hag” by Nourhanne, “Short Belly Dance Solo” by Raquy and the Cavemen

Khepri is a contemporary belly dance company founded by Andrea Sendek in 2015. Andrea creates dynamic works that honor the cultural traditions of the art as well as works that renew and invigorate traditional belly dance. With over two decades of belly dance experience and ten years training and performing in other dance genres (bharatanatyam, ballet, and modern), Andrea integrates philosophies from various forms into her teaching, choreographic, and performance style.
Music: “Nadia” by the Al-Ahram Orchestra and “Foundations” by Bashir Naddaf

Lady G. Schmidt hails from the hardy and exotic tundra of Wisconsin, where her first exposure to dance was from learning polka and square dance at HB Patch Elementary and watching the Solid Gold dancers perform the top 10 hits of the eighties (Darcel was her favorite!). Though high school and college provided some nice dance moments, it wasn’t until she moved to San Francisco that she found her passion in swing dance, Argentinian tango, and tribal & fusion belly dance. Being ridiculously lucky (and grateful) to move to an area with such an outstanding collection of dance artists and teachers, Lady G. is honored to be part of Shake the Bay and to share the stage with so many amazing performers.
Music: “Samo Malo” performed by Magnifico (Robert Pešut)

Little Egypt, a San Francisco-based Dance Theater Company founded by Jill Parker, specializes in inventing and interpreting sensuous and intoxicating women’s dances from Egypt and Morocco to the Balkans. Their evocative work is inspired by belly dance reinterpreted through the creative artistic lens of modern fusion belly dance. Little Egypt is one of belly dance’s most influential voices. Our performances provide audiences with a shared, positive experience.
Music: “Zarmali Tabla” by Al-Ahram Orchestra, “Adana Ciftetellisi” by Ahmet Kusgoz

Asiya is a multi-disciplinary holistic fitness and movement instructor with over 12 years of dance, movement, and mindfulness education. She teaches weekly classes in Oakland where students of all backgrounds come together and create community through dance. On August 28th she is hosting a fundraiser for Hafla for Humanity, to raise funds for Syrian refugees.
Music: “Aquamarine of the South” by Hossam Ramsy

MotherLode is a Bay Area based dance troupe under the direction of internationally renowned performer and instructor, Calamity Sam. MotherLode performs Unmata/Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style, or “ITS”, which is a form of group improvisational dance reliant on a shared movement vocabulary of distinct cues and choreographed combinations. MotherLode has also recently delved into fusion dance, performing original choreography developed by Calamity Sam that showcases her signature musicality and ability to connect with the audience. MotherLode is proud to be a part of Shake the Bay and is represented tonight by Amina Zareh, Jesse Stanbridge, and Laura Elisabeth.
Music: “Wyrd” by Glass Animals and “TBH ILY (Kidwaste Remix)” by Chet Porter

Gold Star Dance Company is an innovative dance company rooted in Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance in which six strong stars have found their voice. Award winning dancer and choreographer Kami Liddle, a leading lady and respected authority in the dance community who has taught in over 30 countries, carefully selected these dancers to translate her choreographic vision. Together they have set out to combine this young and constantly evolving dance style with elements of jazz, modern, hip hop and classical ballet.
Music: “Devotion” by Nextro and “Shprot” by Nuar, Piece Title: “Dark East”

Amberetta is empowering women, one shimmy at a time. She is a second-generation bellydancer who began performing at the age of four, studying ballet, jazz, and tap, as well as the piano. Amberetta currently performs Modern Fusion Bellydance as a soloist in the San Francisco bay area. In addition to her solo work, she is an active member of Dangerous Beauties, is co-director of Full Metal Blonde, and is the founder of Shake the Bay.
Music: “Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix)” by Two Fingers

The Suhaila Dance Company – Founded in 1996 under the artistic direction of Suhaila Salimpour, The Suhaila Dance Company (SDC) performs various styles of belly dance and fusion stylizations across the nation. Participation requires current certification in both Suhaila and Jamila formats from the Salimpour School of Dance, along with technique development in other forms of dance. SDC is at the forefront of both modern and classical belly dance performing art.
Music: “Shams El Shamouseh” by Suhaila Salimpour, “Khallini Shoufak” by Najwa Karam