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Video from Shake the Bay 2017

Shake the Bay Workshop Students – These brave performers just learned the dance this afternoon! This fun Modern Fusion Belly Dance was choreographed and taught to the group by Amberetta. The performers possess a wide range of dance experience and backgrounds and are here together to share their love for belly dance and to show their support for the Alzheimer’s Association.
Music: “Bounce” by Solace

Nancy is a dance and fitness instructor based in Oakland, CA where offers weekly classes and workshops. Tonight, she is dancing to a portion of an Egyptian classic song, “Ana Bastanak,” a song about longing and waiting for a love to return.
Music: “Ana Bastannak” by Zamalek Musicians

Performing as the Rashani ensemble, Leigh Anne Shaw and Marsha Poulin join Wendy Marlatt in “Beauty:  A Force of Nurture.”  Inspired by the music, “Nawwar” by LeTrio Jourbran, Wendy’s choreography reflects on the human relationship to beauty.  The dance narrates the emotional polarities of push/pull, love/hate recognizing that beauty is both nurtured and destroyed.
Wendy Marlatt is known internationally for her unique style of world fusion belly dance which draws influences from around the globe and across time. She is available for performance and instruction. Visit her at or email
Leigh Anne Shaw is a principal dancer in the Al-hambra Tribal Dance troupe.  She teaches American Tribal Style belly dance in San Carlos and Pacifica. Visit Leigh Anne on Facebook dance or
on Gigsalad.
Marsha Poulin’s passion for dance has spanned 35 years as a performer and instructor, at home and abroad.  Email Marsha at or visit her on Facebook.
Music: “Nawwar” by Le Trio Jourban

Tatseena’s depth of spirit, knowledge, and love for the dance along with her creativity have tantalized her audiences over the span of four decades. With a unique blend of style, her theatrical troupe the “Serpent Sirens” are known for their mystical dances with snakes and swords while performing at the Northern California Pirate Festival, and at The Pirates of Emerson Haunted Theme Park. An awarded master in Mid-Eastern Dance, producer, philanthropist, singer, and long-time natural healing artist, she carves out her living with her dance and body work therapy. Tatseena teaches ongoing classes in the East Bay and Tri Valley.
Music: “Carry Us” by Solace and “Sandstorm” by Naked Rhythm

Surreyya Hada is thrilled to present a talented group of ladies, Bella Nova, which includes the lovely Charlie Grubelle, Patricia Mendell, Melanie Giedlin, Sarai Benitez and Nyla Crystal. Director of the acclaimed Dangerous Beauties dance troupe and Co-director of Troupe Scimitar, Surreyya is an award-winning, international performer and instructor. She has performed for Cirque du Soleil and is an annual entertainer for Apple, Sandisk and Yahoo corporations. Surreyya just received her BA in Dance and is currently working toward her master’s degree in dance and is a LEAP program awardee via Saint Mary’s College of Moraga, CA.  She received her Dance Major Degree at CCSF and holds a Guinness Book World Record in Roller Skating.
Music: “Simarik” by Tarkan, “Alize” by Oojami, “I Wanna Dance” by Artem Uzunov

Niusha is the director of Hip Logic and teaches belly dance classes in Lafayette California. She grew up doing ballet, jazz and tap dance and as an adult missed the joy that dance brought her and tried a belly dance class taught by Tatseena. She was immediately hooked on the dance and the community of belly dance. When she is not teaching or directing her own troupe, she performs still with Serpent Sirens, Rockin’ The Cradle, Shimmy Dreams and in Amberetta’s student productions. Tonight, she hopes that her performance encourages you to explore new worlds and Realize Your Best.
Music: “ReAnimo” by Fingathing